Wednesday, 4 March 2015

"All the single babies" - Isn't that a Beyonce song?

Mummy?? Daddy?? I lost my mummy and daddy! Can you help me find them? Daddy has a barbecue and mummy has a purse.

Yay!!! You found my mummy and daddy!

See! I told you! Mummy has her purse and daddy has that barbecue.

Looks like mummy went shopping again… daddy always has that drink when mummy comes home from shopping. Sometimes he has a lot of them – mummy says he gets really thirsty when he barbecues. Then she says something about Grandpa that I don’t understand, then she calls her friend and tells her that Daddy’s at it again, and she just about had enough. I guess Mummy doesn’t like barbecue as much as Daddy.

I'm glad you found them...

I don’t know who those three other fuckers are though, but they better not have touched any of my shit or I will kick their asses.

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